Our company was established in 2015 in Antalya.
Production of plastic bottles, which is a first in Turkey to be self-perform the production of labeled products, applications and systems that are in the pride of getting patented.

The sine qua non of plastic packaging production of labels, the label itself that do not directly heated by the adhesion on the bottle are realizing the production of the bottles and packaging. In this way we enable the company to remain permanently on the bottle labels.

Adhesive labels, patches and fixes mortar and workmanship surpassed the risks we are to imitate.

Our company has injection molding machines with plastic bottle caps in body, crystal glasses, crystal bowls, polycarbonate products, valve caps and print various plastic parts and components,

The plastic blow molding machine HDPE, PP raw materials are 25 to make the bottle production up to 6000 cc` from cc`, Extrusion-Parizyon controlled Injection Blow Machine is producing is up to 30 lt` 10 lt` drums.

Raw material processing capacity of 100 tons per month, our plant is located in the service of our producers.
With our strong team, our technical infrastructure, the first manufacturer with our Track rigorous work in research and development and production of our offer true business partnership.

Company activity:
*Plastic cover
* Plastic Folio Cover
* Plastic does not seep Gasket Cover
* Plastic Sealed Cover
* Plastic Valve Cover (cover products that relieve air Against swelling)
* Crystal Bowl
* PC Cups
* PP Cups
* Various Plastic Machine Parts
* Various Plastic Parts
* 25 cc – 6000 cc HDPE, PP Plastic Bottles
* 10 liters – 30 liters HDPE Bottle
* Screen printing – Pad Printing
* Self-Released Labeled Bottles and Cans in production.