AKAOĞLU Group has established in 1996 as a tourism agency with Blue Rose Travel in Antalya. After two years AKAOĞLU Group expands the capacity via opening Kit tur in Moscow and Skvich in Bella Russia. After getting experiences from tourism and hospitality sector year by year our founder decides to enter beverage sector in 2005 with Infoteks. Infoteks has an important role in beverage sector that produce from wheat as an only and first manufacturer in Turkey. Following that year Afsun beverage company has established in order to improve our portfolio with beverage.

In 2012, our bio fertilizer company OZ-RA has started to produce microbial fertilizers and raw material for Agriculture sector.

In addition in 2014 Hürol Beverage Company has begun to produce new products at the AKA group’s plant. Following that year Antplast plastic and AFS Beverage CO. start to their productions in 2015. At the same year, Virtilis launched in order to produce amino acids, bio monomers, bio active molecules and bio tech derivatives such as yeast extracts under the supervision of AKA group.

Nowadays, we are proud to announce as AKAOĞLU group our active pharmaceutical ingredients manufactory building, which will be 5000 square meter capacity at the end, is raising day by day from the beginning of 2016.

Moreover, AKAOĞLU Group has foreign trade and operations in EU, USA and several countries in MENA region.