Virtilis Fermantation And Biotechnology Company is one of the biggest industrial biotech company in Turkey Beside that one of the high capability biotech firm in the world with 1200 Tonnes /daily fermenter capacity.

L-Amino Acid Production
L-Amino Acids are building blocks and monomers of macromolecules ,proteines and enzymes.Virtilis Biotech produces the amino acids by microbial fermentation process.We produce and supply Twenty Different Amino Acids for advanced Plant Nutrition ,Fertilizer ,Animal Nutrition ,Food Additives etc.Beyond that we are one of the three firms who produce the L- cysteine via fermentation method.method in the glob

Probiotics, Microorganism Cultures And Products
Virtilis has a wide culture collection which is focused on Animal Health and Nutrition ,yoghurt and meat cultures ,biopesticides ,healthcare probiotics. Microorganisms that we produced by using freezedried and microencapsuled method, have high bio-secure and high tech production processes in our plant.By doing this we gain long shelf lıfe and high activity

Yeast Extract
We are the only yeast extract producer in Turkey and one of the ten firms all over the world. Absoultely there is no acrylamide residue in our manufacturing process. We carry out our process under the optimum temprature control. Virtilis is the innovative supplier of high quality savory ingredits to the food industry.